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Colors for Earth



“G Series”

The “G” series are glossy glass colors that are in a powder formula that is mixed with our GM300 Glass Color Medium.  By mixing with medium it will insure an opaque glossy finish.  Mix to a “white glue” or heavy cream consistency for opaque coverage. Two colors can be mixed together to achieve another color.

BA Series”

GS Series”

There are 4 colors of sparkle, GS-501 White Sparkle, GS-502 Copper Sparkle, GS-503 Gold Sparkle and GS-504 Silver Sparkle.

GZ Series”

There are 5 colors of Glitz, GZ-601 Opal Ice Glitz, GZ-602 Copper Glitz, GZ-603 Gold Glitz, GZ-604 Pearl Glitz and GZ-605 Burnished Gold Glitz.  They can be used on glass or ceramic surfaces.

GT Series”
These colors are leaded and not recommended for food surfaces.

What types of glass can I use with “G”, “BA”, “GS” “GO” and “GT’s” Series colors?
The colors can be used on most types of glass including:


Product Description

14 colors come in this kit that was chosen, from our 38 colors available in our ceramic underglaze line, to enhance your glass enamel work.