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Art Glass City

Originally established in 2004 as a traditional Stained Glass Shop. However, in 2008 Fused Glass was the new rage, so, we shifted our focus over to Bullseye Glass and becoming a Kiln-Glass Resource Center Preferred Partner. We have been serving the Dallas/Fort Worth area with their glass needs ever since. We offer a safe environment for adults to learn Fused Glass. From time to time an out of town Instructor is brought in to teach a specialized technique.

So what is Fused Glass? An artist will carefully select their glass and cut into shapes or strips to make their creation. It is a beautiful art form that is dated all the way back to the Roman Empire.

What else does Art Glass City carry? All the hand tools and equipment such as grinders and lap wheels that are needed to be successful at your craft. Foil, lead, solder and zinc for those that work with Stained Glass.

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